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CounterPunch: Strengthening the Roots of Resistance

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Planta Tree for Palestine by JOSIE SHIELDS-STOMSNESS For 112 years, the Jewish National Fund has played a central role in the on-going displacement and dispossession of Palestinians from their land and homes. The JNF was instrumental in the ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948 and continues to play a central role in maintaining Israel’s regime of… Read more »

Jadaliyya: Israel’s Worldwide Role in Repression

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Jadaliyya features "Israel’s Worldwide Role in Repression"

[Researched, written, and edited by members of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, this twenty-eight-page exposé focuses on the role of Israel’s government, military, and related corporations and organizations in a global industry of violence and repression. The states most involved with this industry profit from perpetual war and occupation across the globe while maintaining vastly unequal societies of their own. Click here to learn more about this booklet and an associated project to build global testimony towards popular tribunals.] 

To download the booklet and learn more about this project visit: 

Comments on current events: Gaza, UN observer status and the WSFFP

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TheWorld Social Forum Free Palestine (WSFFP) took place in Porto Alegre, Brazil, atexactly the moment that Palestine was on the front page of every newspaperaround the world. The United Nations had just voted (138-9) to grantPalestinians limited statehood observer status at the United Nations.  Meanwhile, people in Gaza had also justsurvived another brutal Israeli onslaught.

Despiteour grief and rage at the latest attack on Gaza, the perseverance of thePalestinian people continues to be an inspiration. As has been true for almosta century, Palestine and the Palestinian people are in the stranglehold of aglobal negotiation for power and resources. And now, popular movements anduprisings throughout the region threaten the colonial hold of US, Europe,Israel and its collaborators with struggles against repression and massexploitation of resources, land and people and for basic survival and freedom. InSyria, the death toll has risen to an estimated 40,000-57,000 over the pasttwo-years as people’s fights against repression are suffocated and infiltratedby the interests of these same forces.

Statement of Support for the 6th Annual Cairo International Conference and Liberation Forum

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The International Jewish Solidarity Network (IJSN) is a growing network of Jews whose identities are not based on Zionism but on long histories of Jewish participation in liberation struggles from Eastern Europe and Iraq to Brooklyn. IJSN’s participation in this conference reflects our commitment to these legacies and to our participation in current struggles against colonization and imperialism. Central to this commitment is solidarity with Arab liberation struggles against US imperialism and Zionism.