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IJAN Spain

IJAN is represented in three main regions in Spain, Galicia (Vigo), Madrid and Catalonia (Barcelona). Our main activities are participating in the State Network of Organisations Working in Solidarity with Palestine (RESCOP), which focuses on building BDS at the Spanish and European levels.

In Catalonia, together with Junts, IJAN belongs to a recently created coalition of called Prou Complicitat amb Israel (Enough complicity with Israel) with a focus on denouncing the ties between the Regional Governement of Catalonia and the State of Israel, especially since part of the Catalonian independence movement aligning itself with this governement considers Israel as a model for a future independent State of Catalonia.

IJAN is engaged in confronting Israel around its use of Spain as a base for carrying out its arms trade with Europe and South America.

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Stop Repression Against the Social Movements

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The statementbelow is being endorsed by a number of organizations that are part of the solidaritymovement with Palestine in Catalonia, including the BDS coalition, the GazaFlotilla (now called Gaza’s Ark), a number of NGOs active both here and there,and Junts/IJAN.

We the social movements organise to fight against a system that throws us on the dole, thatevicts a family every 15 minutes, that persecutes immigrants, that imposesworse working conditions on us, that exploits us. We want a dignified and just life for all, and against us the Stateorganises to repress us, and responds to our desire for change withintimidation and violence.

We condemn the growing repression and violence used against thesocial movements in Catalonia. We protest that this strategy violates democracyand aims to maintain the current injustices.

We condemn the fact that the repression we are experiencing in Cataloniais strongly interconnected with the global repression suffered by the socialmovements and specifically, with the Israeli military and securityinfrastructure. The army itself, and private security and military companiesthat maintain Palestine under occupation, have used the Palestinian people as amassive training and research ground that has enabled them to create companies,industries , products and services that our governments buy and use to controland repress the social movements. These products are sold with the "guarantee"of having been tested in real situations in the Occupied PalestinianTerritories.