Anniversary Statement and Call to Action


IJAN’s first Anniversary Statement and the Call to Action are ready for use and are attached below. I put them here only because I was having trouble uploading them to the forum, but I will put them up there as soon as I can.

The Statement includes, for the second side of the paper, a quick history and where-to-from-here. Thanks to David for helping finalize this version, and to all those that gave their input.

Please send the Anniversary Statement out to your lists as a way to update supporters. It can also be used as a point of discussion for local chapters, and as a jumping off point for thinking about actions over the next year.

The Call-to-Action is to be used internally to help shape your activities and to share with other organization that might join us. For example, in Toronto, they will jointly mark IJAN’s first anniversary with the 9th anniversary of the second intifada and vigils that have been conducted there since that time (by other organizations and people who are members of IJAN).

If you have any trouble downloading them, please let us know. Are you planning an action? Please tell us on the forum at


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