Bay Area Launches Network with Press Conference and Tashlich

On Thursday, October 2nd, Bay Area members of the International JewishAnti-Zionist Network (IJAN) and our allies gathered for a press conference and rallyto announce IJAN’s launch with a reading of the founding Charter.  Theevent was held in front of the East Bay Jewish Community FederationBuilding, with the purpose of confronting and exposing the role of Zionist institutions inperpetuating atrocities committed against Palestinian people.

The press conference was followed by a Tashlich service across thestreet beside Lake Merritt.  This Tashlich service (an adaptation ofthe traditional High Holiday ritual of casting bread or stones into abody of water) reiterated a commitment to spiritual and culturaldivestment from Zionism, and the Palestinian call for boycott,divestment, and sanctions against the State of Israel. 


Bay Area Launch Bay Area Launch Bay Area Launch

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