'I Heart Hamas' Opens in Minneapolis, February 18-28, 2010


Bedlam Theatre

1501 S. 6th Street

Minneapolis, MN 55454



Please come out and show your support for Palestinian art!   


I Heart Hamas:  AndOther Things I’m Afraid To Tell You

Written and Performed by Jennifer Jajeh

Directed by W. Kamau Bell


With the current ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, thethreat of global terrorism, and the never-ending negotiations and hostilitiesbetween Israelis and Palestinians, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by all ofthe bad international news. That’s exactly how Jennifer Jajeh feels. And tomake matters worse, Jennifer is Palestinian. Well, Palestinian American. Ormore precisely: a single, Christian, first generation, Palestinian Americanwoman who chooses to return to her parents’ hometown of Ramallah at the startof the Second Intifada.

Join her on American and Palestinian soil on auditions, baddates, and across military checkpoints as she navigates the thorny terrainaround Palestinian identity. Weaving together humor, slides, pop culturereferences and live theatre, Jajeh explores how she becomes Palestinian-ized,then politicized and eventually radicalized in a fresh, often funny, searinglyhonest way.

Recognized by NYTheatre.com as "a fascinating look into aworld we don’t often see or hear about,"  the show just closed a 3 month smash hit run in SanFrancisco, and is making away across the country in 2010.

Click here for more information and to purchase tickets. 


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