IJAN-TC Statement of Support for Dr. Waziyatawin

The lecture, in which Dr. Waziyatawin discussed the continuing effects of colonization on this land and First Nations people, was viewed by a single member in the audience as threatening. He sent a letter to the Winona Post accusing Dr. Waziyatawin of making "terroristic threats". What ensued was over a dozen letters to the editor and an article in the paper, and ultimately a call to the Dr. from the FBI.The Twin Cities chapter of IJAN drafted a statement of support which was then circulated via email, list serv, facebook, and posted online:https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dEpGLUJESHZYaWJmTktSUHBPcklSVEE6MQIn only three days, there were over 300 signatures on the statement of support. Within a week, the FBI called Dr. Waziyatawin to let her know the case has been "closed". Dr. Waziyatawin says, "I have to believe that the outpouring of support and media coverage helped. I really appreciate the extent of support everyone showed to me."

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