Irish Congress of Trade Unions BDS Conference

On April 15, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) held a conference atDublin Castle to implement the ICTU’s 2009 BDS resolution. Invitedinternational panelists included Omar Barghouti (PACBI), Mary-Jo Nadeau (Labourfor Palestine-Canada), and Michael Letwin (IJAN-Labor and Labor forPalestine-U.S.), all of whom opposed anti-BDS speakers from the Histadrut andJewish Labor Committee. For this meeting, IJAN-Labor and LFP-U.S. also producedbriefing papers on the role of the Histadrut and the Jewish Labor Committee;these are posted at: Landy, a leading Irish BDS activist, described the conference as"one of the most significant events yet in Palestinian solidarity work inIreland." His complete report is posted at:

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