No Pride In Apartheid

Bay Area IJAN organized queer members and supporters in a powerfulaction during this year’s massive San Francisco Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Parade.   We marched with Jews Marchfor Pride, a Jewish contingent of the parade thatwas unfortunately, but not surprisingly, overrun by powerful Bay Area Zionist institutions.  We had to pushour way into the contingent, but once we were there, the crowd greetedus with loud cheers as we walked the mile-long parade route, and someappreciative participants from the Jewish contingent came to join us. Several flag-waving Zionists predictably also came to intimidate andcrowd us. 

Those watching the parade saw a 500-person contingentof Jewish people, many waving signs about marriage equality, wavingdozens of Israeli and rainbow flags–and many Israeli flags adornedwith rainbows.  Our small group followed, dressed in black, carryingour banners while energetically chanting, "Free Free Palestine!" and"When Palestine is under attack–Queer Jews fight back!"

Check out below for photos, or also read the write-up on IndyBay.   


No Pride in Apartheid banner IJAN signs Jews Say NO! To Israeli Apartheid Sign Queer Jews Reject Israeli Injustices pride

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