Sample Letter for Shifa's Sentencing

William S. Duffey

District Court Judge

United States District Court

1721 RichardB. RussellFederal Buildingand United StatesCourthouse

75 Spring Street S.W.

Atlanta, GA 30303


RE:  Ehsanul Sadequee. Case No.1:06-CR-147-WSD-GGB


Dear Honorable Judge Duffey,

As a concerned US citizen and a resident of [STATE], I am verysaddened to hear about the verdict on Ehsanul Sadequee, Shifa’s case.  I am writing to kindly request Your Honor toconsider a just and fair sentence for Shifa on October 15, 2009 by sentencinghim to time served or to the shortest possible sentence in accordance with theFederal Sentencing Guidelines.

As a Jewish citizen of the United States, I understand theimportance of religious freedom promised by our constitution. Shifa’sparticipation in Islam is a reflection of his beliefs-something that I believeis of the utmost importance to have upheld by our government and courts. Assomeone who comes from a community that has experienced historicaldiscrimination and persecution on the basis of religion and ethnicity, I urgeyou to not participate in the current targeting of Muslim people andcommunities.

Shifa has already served three years without trial, most of it insolitary confinement. On October 15, 2009, please consider sentencing him totime served. He has had ample time to reflect on his poor judgment as ateenager. I respectfully urge Your Honor to consider a fair sentence for Shifa.

I, and many other citizens of the United States, will be verygrateful to Your Honor for ensuring that our justice system is fair and actswith compassion for a mistakes made by a teenager-who acted without anunderstanding of consequences but within his freedom of religion and speech.  



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