Statement in support of the Egyptian Revolution

This is a perilous and hopeful moment. The forces of oppression have been beaten back but have yet to be defeated. We pledge our support and call on all lovers of freedom to rise up in support of the Egyptian revolution, to show support in action and pour our rage on our own governments, who carry the banner of freedom in falsehood and support the oppressors.

Already we hear their duplicity as they try to justify putting in place a new collaborator – perhaps as or more brutal then Mubarak and as committed to its collaboration with the US and Israel. We hear and warn against their manipulation of the Western public as they use anti-Muslim bigotry to stir up fear of imaginary threats. We reject their false propaganda about the “anti-democratic, Islamic, and extremists” who are allegedly behind this popular movement.

It is the United States, Israel, its Egyptian collaborators and their allies who are the enemies of freedom. Across Egypt, people of all backgrounds, religions, ages, beliefs and politics are rising up together to claim theirs. From the recent prisoner strike in Georgia, USA to factory worker takeovers in Argentina, Chicago and South Korea to the mass protests in Greece, France, the UK and elsewhere against the neoliberal racket, we recognize these popular movements from our own histories and struggles for justice. And, we recognize the propaganda used to try to delegitimize them.

Saturday 12 February is a global day of action in support for the struggle in Egypt. We call on you wherever you are to participate, to be determined and angry, and to support the Egyptian people in their revolution.

Freedom for Egypt Now!

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