Academic Network 2010

About Us: We are academic and graduate student activists interested in the building of social justice in the Middle East by supporting an international network to further anti-Zionist thinking, writing, discussions and activism. Though our main site of activism will be universities, we will collaborate with other parts of the network on local, regional and international activities and campaigns.

Though the academic network is being initiated by anti-Zionist Jewish academics as part of the broader work of IJAN, we welcome the participation of and input from all anti-Zionist academic activists and hope to work with, collaborate with and support other anti-Zionist efforts.

Purpose and goals: The academic network seeks to connect people working in academia with one another, students and activists to:

  • provide defense of and support for anti-Zionist academics and academics who are critical of Israel;
  • promote anti-Zionist research, analysis, discussions and writing through on-campus events, film series, speaking tours and book releases, promote anti-Zionist thinkers with speaking tours, book releases
  • produce documentation and materials for organizing and education such as a report on the censorship of cultural work, academic work and organizing that is critical of Israel, reports on the movement of Jews toward conservatism as a result of Zionism, including alliances with Christian fundamentalists, etc.
  • collaborate with other parts of the network on an on-line journal

Current projects: There are no immediate projects planned beyond the longer term goals above. Following the launch we hope to have conversations over email about the role and work of the Academic Network.

Past projects: Though there has been interest in building an academic network as part of IJAN, we have not yet formed one.

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