IJAN India

Launch Plans

The Charter is being translated into Hindi and Urdu andthere are public meetings being organized in Mumbai and Delhi for later in October.

About Us

While the growing relationship between Israel and Indiais a stark example of Israeland the United State’sdesire for new allies in the global South, Indiahas its own anti-colonial history of struggle and a rich legacy of solidaritywith Third World liberation movements. India’s support to Palestine is part of this legacy and it waswoven into the very fabric & foundation of the Indian national liberationmovement itself.

The Global War on Terror has been relentlessin its propaganda and the subsequent demonization of Muslims and this is truefor the Islamophobia that exists within the Indian elite as well. Even though the Indian Brahmanicalcaste-class elite are in a close strategic partnership with Israel, thereis a growing people’s movement that will challenge and ultimately defeatthis alliance.

Our work in Indiais part of defeating this alliance and bringing together the struggles againstIslamophobia and caste prejudice in India and Israeli Apartheid. Ourlead organizers in Indiainclude anti-Zionist Jewish and Muslim activists.

Regional Building

The India IJAN is preparing for a popular tribunalthat will hold to account the Indian investments and government partnershipswith Israel, document theimpact of a consistently rotating and significant post-service Israeli soldierpresence in India, and exposethe similarities between India’scaste system, Israeli racism against Mizrahi Jews, and the Israeli Apartheidagainst Palestinians.

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