Workshop: Occupy Anti-Semitism

On March 25th IJAN’s Chicago chapter delivered a workshop entitled Occupy Anti-Semitism: Distinguishing Anti-Semitism from Opposition to Zionismat Occupy Chicago. Over the course of two hours, four of our members gave a presentation covering the history of Anti-semitism, its present manifestations, its manipulation and exploitation by groups across the political spectrum, the function of Israel/Zionism within global systems of oppression and exploitation and specifically the use of charges of Anti-Semitism to undermine the Durban World Conference Against Racism initiatives and more recently Occupy Chicago. We examined how Zionist institutions have attempted to marginalize, not only Palestinian and solidarity organizations, but also the broader movement while simultaneously attempting to drive a wedge into the movement.

Following the presentation there was a lively discussion amongst thethirty participants exploring the nature and material consequences of oppression and discrimination as it exists in this historical moment and where Anti-Semitism falls in relation to this. Participants also discussed the similarities and differences between how oppression manifests for those groups targeted and how to confront it.

Overall the presentation was well received and we look forward to future collaborations with Occupy Chicago. The full presentation is available to listen to on

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