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IJAN Participates in World Social Forum 2013

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IJAN organizers from the United States, Spain, Catalonia andSwitzerland attended the 2013 World SocialForum in Tunis from March 26th to March 30th. In addition to participatingin the Opening March and the Land Day March in solidarity with Palestine, IJANhelped organize two self-organized activities and participated in a third. Inaddition, Liliana Cordova with the Spanish anti-capitalist movement and IJANspoke about IJAN’s work around BDS in a plenary session.

World Social Forum Free Palestine Report Back

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The first thematicWorldSocial Forum to focus on Palestine tookplace in Porto Alegre, Brazil from 28 November – 1 December 2012.The Forum featured over 125 workshops and a large march and rally insupport of Palestine. It was an important gathering of Palestinianand solidarity activists to continue to strengthen the movement forPalestinian liberation and self-determination.

IJAN sent adelegation of six to the forum including members from Canada,Argentina and the U.S. Most of us attended as part of the U.S.-CanadaJoint Struggle Delegation – adelegation of 25 activists working in grassroots struggles for theliberation of people and land, which IJAN played a central role inorganizing.