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The UK chapter of IJAN was launched in 2008. From the beginning we have prioritised our accountability to the Palestinian struggle, worked with others in the Palestinian solidarity movement (members of IJAN are currently working as part of London Palestine Action) and other grassroots movements impacted by Israeli apartheid, murder, repression, militarization and other brutality.

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IJAN UK Demands an End to Genocide: Holds Protest Outside the Israeli Ambassador’s Home

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On November 10, 2023, IJAN-UK held a protest outside the home of Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Tzipi Hotovely. The action added to the growing calls for an end to Israel’s Gaza Genocide and called attention to Ambassador Hotovely’s culpability for the ongoing atrocities against Palestinians. On 16 October Tzipi Hotovely, the UK ambassador… Read more »


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PRESS RELEASE: 18 June 2018 ‘The BOD doesn’t speak for us.’ An open letter to the Board of Deputies of British Jews from Jewish people Today we have sent an Open Letter to the BOD, signed by 75 (currently 105) Jewish people in the UK, appalled that it supports the continuing Israeli massacre of Palestinian… Read more »

IJAN UK’s submission to the Chakrabarti Inquiry

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Submission to the Shami Chakrabarti Inquiry, “into antisemitism and other forms of racism including islamophobia, within the party” International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network UK 10 June 2016 An anti-racist movement versus witch-hunting with antisemitism As Jewish members of the Labour Party, who are also in the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, we do not believe that Labour… Read more »

No Israeli Funding of the Arts

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IJAN is centrally involved in the No Israeli Funding of the Arts initiative – we want everyone we are in touch with to know that the UKJFF (UK Jewish Film Festival) is taking place this year in cinemas in Glasgow, Leeds, London, Manchester and Nottingham, between 6-23 November.

We have written to all the cinemas – see our letter below – and we are asking that you contact your local (or even a distant) cinema by phone, email website, leaflet or street protest, and let them know what you think of them hosting an Israeli-funded event. (All cinema contact details are at end of this email.) Call or write to the local press or call-in radio to tell them what you think of their not caring for Jewish films, only for the Israeli rebranding. (See below.)

Check the UKJFF calendar to find when each cinema is hosting UKJFF films. The opening gala night is at the London BFI on 6 November – we are planning to protest their collaboration with the slaughterers of the Gazan people.

Tricycle Theater Rejects Israeli Government Funding, Faces Backlash

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After two demonstrations organized by IJAN-UK last year in front of the Tricycle Theatre protesting the Israeli Embassy sponsorship of the UK Jewish Film Festival (UKJFF) , the Tricycle decided this year that given the onslaught against Gaza, they would not host the festival if it was connected financially with the Embassy. To make absolutely… Read more »

Jews in Britain Thank Tricycle Theatre For Refusing to Accept Israeli Sponsorship

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Jews in Britain Against Genocide wrote the following letter to the artistic director of the Tricycle Theater thanking the Tricycle for refusing to host a film festival funded in part by the Israeli government. The letter expresses outrage at false accusations of anti-Semitism leveled at the Tricycle and condemns Israel’s use of culture to promote its global image as a way of maintaining impunity in its murderous violence against and disposession of Palestinians.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews is condoning genocide in Gaza. They don’t represent us.

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At 3.30pm today, 4 August 2014, outside the London offices of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, on the 27th day of Israel’s military attack on the Gazan people, Jews in Britain Against Genocide staged a die-in to commemorate the hundreds of Palestinian children deliberately targeted and killed by Israel. We displayed toys, clothes and replicas of mutilated children and babies smeared red to symbolise the blood of Palestinian children murdered by Israeli forces.

Divestment Win! London Theater Refuses to Host Festival Sponsored by Israel Embassy

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Last November, IJAN and Israeli & Irish supporters had two lively and noisy protests of the Tricycle when they hosted the Israeli-sponsored UK Jewish Film Festival (UKJFF) last year (2 & 13 November 2013). The protest was organized as part of BDS (the effort for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel), and targeted the film festival because it is co-sponsored by the Israeli embassy. Now the Tricycle has refused to host the film festival citing the continued sponsorship of the embassy.

IJAN Participates in "Self-Critique 2 Decades after Oslo" Conference

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The Conference, held at the School of Oriental andAfrican Studies (SOAS) in London, was hosted by the SOAS Palestinian Societyand drew close to 200 academics and activists from around the world. While allthe presentations were useful, talks by Adam Hanieh and Jamal Juma stand out.Hanieh laid out how some sectors of Palestinian society had in fact actuallybenefited from Oslo (getting jobs and money) and therefore had a vestedinterest in continuing the partnership with Zionism at the expense of theoverwhelming majority of Palestinians. Two presentations by Stop the Wall‘sJamal Juma, a grassroots activist from the West Bank, offered a detaileddescription of resistance on the ground both in the lead up to the Oslo Accordsand continued resistance to fight against the monster that the Oslo Accordshave created. 

IJAN’s contributionincluded laying out in detail why we organize as Jews against Zionism, and adescription of our strategy of Joint Struggle against Zionism as part ofbroader movements for justice and using the grass-roots Palestinian resistanceas our point of reference.  Otherspeakers explained how in the aftermath of Oslo utilities in the West Bank havebeen integrated into Israeli and settlement distribution systems making itpossible to cut off electricity and water to Palestinians while leaving thesettlements untouched. You can see a video of much of the conference here.

Integrating Critique and Moving Forward from Stuart Platt on Vimeo.