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Maintaining and expanding an exclusive Jewish state in Palestine requires on-going ethnic cleansing and military repression of Palestinians and military dominance in the region. Through the ongoing colonization of Palestine and the accompanying atrocities, Israel has developed great expertise in repression, and exporting these tools and methods on an industrial scale has become crucial to Israeli economic and political power.

Since the founding of the state, Israel has collaborated with many of the most repressive regimes and forces on all continents. Israel played and/or plays a role in arming and training the apartheid regimes of Southern Africa, colonial and neo-colonial regimes in the Middle East, dictators in Central and South America and police forces in the United States.

Our movements across the globe – in solidarity with Palestine, against war, poverty, colonialism, imperialism, repression and an unjust globalized economy, and for more equitable societies – need to be aware of the very real ways the State of Israel contributes to the violence and repression targeting us.

IJAN works to expose Israel’s role in repression, not only of Palestinians, but through its military and homeland security exports, all over the world.

Download Israel’s Worldwide Role in Repression (in English, Spanish, French and Italian)

Download the appendix to the report “The Global Spread of Drones”

IJAN Participates in World Social Forum 2013

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IJAN organizers from the United States, Spain, Catalonia andSwitzerland attended the 2013 World SocialForum in Tunis from March 26th to March 30th. In addition to participatingin the Opening March and the Land Day March in solidarity with Palestine, IJANhelped organize two self-organized activities and participated in a third. Inaddition, Liliana Cordova with the Spanish anti-capitalist movement and IJANspoke about IJAN’s work around BDS in a plenary session.

Summer Updates from the UK

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Stop the JNF and Prawer Plan IJAN UK is a founding member of the Stop the JNF Campaign and helped to prepare a submission (in consultation with lawyers working pro-bono) to the Charity Commissioners in the UK and making the case for the commission to investigate the Jewish National Fund’s charitable status in the UK…. Read more »

IJAN Presents at Left Forum

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Members of IJAN attended the Left Forum in New York andpresented two workshops. On Saturday IJAN members presented on theinternational Stop the Jewish National Fund Campaign featuring participationfrom the U.S. and Canada. On Sunday, IJAN presented with Al Awda – NY, the NationalLawyers Guild – NY, the Center for Constitutional Rights, and the Malcolm XGrassroots Movement on Israel’s Worldwide Role in Repression.

Stop Repression Against the Social Movements

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The statementbelow is being endorsed by a number of organizations that are part of the solidaritymovement with Palestine in Catalonia, including the BDS coalition, the GazaFlotilla (now called Gaza’s Ark), a number of NGOs active both here and there,and Junts/IJAN.

We the social movements organise to fight against a system that throws us on the dole, thatevicts a family every 15 minutes, that persecutes immigrants, that imposesworse working conditions on us, that exploits us. We want a dignified and just life for all, and against us the Stateorganises to repress us, and responds to our desire for change withintimidation and violence.

We condemn the growing repression and violence used against thesocial movements in Catalonia. We protest that this strategy violates democracyand aims to maintain the current injustices.

We condemn the fact that the repression we are experiencing in Cataloniais strongly interconnected with the global repression suffered by the socialmovements and specifically, with the Israeli military and securityinfrastructure. The army itself, and private security and military companiesthat maintain Palestine under occupation, have used the Palestinian people as amassive training and research ground that has enabled them to create companies,industries , products and services that our governments buy and use to controland repress the social movements. These products are sold with the "guarantee"of having been tested in real situations in the Occupied PalestinianTerritories.

Support Popular Tribunal at World Social Forum Tunisia

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The WorldSocial Forum (WSF) in Tunis, Tunisia March 26th – 30th, 2013,is just around the corner and promises to be a critical organizing opportunityfor our growing movements.

The forumwill serve as the launch of a series of international popular tribunals againstIsrael entitled: "The Case against Israel: Exposing Israel’s role in StateRepression and Violence Worldwide" and organized by the Malcolm XGrassroots Movement (MXGM), the United States Palestinian Community Network(USPCN), and the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN). Growing outof an assembly hosted at the World Social Forum Free Palestine inPorto Alegre, Brazil, in December of 2012, these tribunals seek toexpose the role Israel and the Zionist movement play in repressing progressivesocial movements and attacking communities throughout the world.

IJAN Releases "Israel’s Worldwide Role in Repression"

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Researched, written and edited by members of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, the newexposé, "Israel’s Worldwide Role in Repression," focuses on the role ofIsrael’s government military, and related corporations and organizations in aglobal industry of violence and repression.

IJAN’s 28-pagebooklet was officially released at the World Social Forum Free Palestine inPorto Alegre, Brazil, and has received widespread attention in recent weeks; ithas been featured in Al Jazeera, Jacobin, La Rebelión and Jadaliyya among otherpublications.

The pamphletis being used as part of a broader organizing project with the Malcolm XGrassroots Movement and the US Palestinian Community Network to highlight therole Israel plays in the arms industry and political repression around theglobe. The information in the pamphlet is not widely known, and givenstate-secrecy, censorship and limited organizational resources, the informationwe have gathered thus far is merely the tip of the iceberg in the push foraccountability. We seek to continue to build awareness and gather testimonyleading to populartribunals in various locations impacted by the work of Israel and itsrelated corporations and organizations.

The pamphletis availableon-line and print copies can be ordered in English, Spanish and Portuguese.We welcome translation of the pamphlet into other languages. We also urge theorganizing of actions, campaigns or popular tribunals in the places whereIsrael, often with the United States, plays a role in the repression of ourmovements or in attacks on communities.

The pamphlets, source documents, research, waysto get involved and video from our first People’s Assembly at the World SocialForum Free Palestine in Porto Alegre, Brazil, are available on-line at:

Jacobin: Israel’s Global Reach

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by Charlotte Silver That Israeli militarism is rarely discussed beyond the parameters of the “Arab-Israeli conflict” may seem perfectly natural. When the Israeli army is not engaged in an all-out assault on the Palestinian territories, it’s busy conducting lethal raids into the West Bank or sending surveillance drones to fly over eternally terrorized Gaza. So it’s… Read more »

Jadaliyya: Israel’s Worldwide Role in Repression

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Jadaliyya features "Israel’s Worldwide Role in Repression"

[Researched, written, and edited by members of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, this twenty-eight-page exposé focuses on the role of Israel’s government, military, and related corporations and organizations in a global industry of violence and repression. The states most involved with this industry profit from perpetual war and occupation across the globe while maintaining vastly unequal societies of their own. Click here to learn more about this booklet and an associated project to build global testimony towards popular tribunals.] 

To download the booklet and learn more about this project visit: