IJAN Statement of Support for Sioux Struggle against Dakota Pipeline

The International Jewish anti-Zionist Network has watched the Native American protests against the Dakota Access pipeline’s destruction of their burial grounds at Standing Rock with hope and horror. We are inspired by women, children, youth, and men chaining themselves to construction machinery


Artwork by Leila Abdelrazaq in solidarity with Standing Rock.

and standing ground to defend their land and history.  We are grateful for their fierce commitment to protecting the water that is a precious and essential resource for all living things. We are horrified at the security forces unleashing attack dogs to bite protesters. In Standing Rock, we see the violence of those who value profit over human life, over the sustainability of life-necessary resources like water, and over the preservation of the earth. It is yet another example of the violence needed to protect the extraction of oil for profit in many parts of the world, including the Middle East. As Jews who support the anti-colonial struggle in Palestine, we also stand fully with efforts at decolonization on the land upon which we live. 

Oakland Palestine Solidarity Mural

Oakland Palestine Solidarity Mural