UC Irvine: The Second Tour Stop on IJAN U.S. Spring Tour

Join IJAN and Students for Justice in Palestine at UC Irvine for an Unlearning Zionism workshop on Friday, February 19th, at 11am. Find more information about this workshop and discussion here.



IJAN leads this workshop because there have always been Jews who reject the premise and politics of Zionism. In claiming to speak for all Jews, Zionism denies this history and tries to hide the growing number of Jews who reject Zionism and the State of Israel’s policies and practices.

Join us as we wrestle with these questions:
What is Zionism?
What is anti-Zionism and the history of Zionism?
What is anti-Semitism and how is it misused and manipulated by Zionism?
What is the role of anti-Zionist Jews in supporting the struggle for Palestinian liberation?
What is the role of anti-Zionist Jewish organizing and perspectives in broader anti-colonial, anti-racist, anti-war, anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist struggles?


See you in Irvine on Stop #2 of our National Tour