Stop the JNF Rally NYC – 09/18/16

Let the JNF know,
 they are NOT WELCOME in NYC!

 Join us for a rally on Sunday, September 18 at their National Conference in NYC or spread the word to those in the area

Join the Stop the JNF campaign and its partners, the US Palestinian Community Network, American Muslims for Palestine, the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, the National Lawyers Guild – Palestine Sub-Committee, Students for Justice in Palestine, Labor for Palestine and Al-Awda NY at a rally to let the JNF know that they are NOT WELCOME in NYC.

From September 16-19, the JNF will host its national conference to discuss its program and partnerships for continuing to amass Palestinian land and property for Jewish-only use in historic Palestine.

 1335 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019
DATE/TIME: Sunday, September 18 @ 12:30pm
LOCATION: New York Midtown Hilton

For more than 100 years, the JNF has been central to founding and on-going growth of the State of Israel. The historic and present-day activities of the JNF are based on its founding mission and constitution: the forced removal of indigenous Palestinians from their land and property to hold land in Palestine for exclusive settlement and use by Jews. The JNF’s constitution explicitly states that JNF land and property is not to be rented, leased, sold or worked by non-Jews. 

Globally, the JNF serves as a fundraiser for Israeli occupation, ethnic cleansing and apartheid. It enjoys charity status in over 50 countries. It raises over $60 million per a year in the United States alone.

In March 2016 the National Lawyers Guild and Stop the JNF Campaign filed a legal memo demanding the IRS investigate and revoke the charitable status of the JNF. 6,000 people then signed a petition in support of the IRS investigation of the JNF.

Join the growing number of people taking a stand against the JNF – racial discrimination and land theft are NOT CHARITY.

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