Anti-Zionist Jews March to Commemorate the 33rd Anniversary of the Argentianian Coup

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Throughout the history of popular liberation struggles, therehas been significant Jewish participation. This participation has beensabotaged by the historic and progressive ethnic cleansing of Palestineby the state of Israel.
In Argentina between 1978 until 1982 the Israeli government, theJewish Agency and other official groups have curbed the immigrationsolicitations of Jewish leftists whose lives were in danger in order tomaintain good commercial and political relations with the militarydictatorship in power. In the same period, Israel realized the sale ofarms valued around one thousand million dollars with Argentina. Likudas well as leaders of the Labor party were directly complicit in thisplot of silence.
Zionism, the founding ideology in Israel, has it’s roots inthe era of European colonization and disseminated a continuation ofNazi genocide. Zionism grew in the most violent and oppressive eventsof the nineteenth century, weakening the numerous Jewish militantliberation struggles. Honoring those struggles and to reclaim thespaces of those vibrant popular movements of our time, Zionism and allof it’s forms need to be abandoned.

Today we march in solidarity with the memory of the victims ofArgentinian state terror in the monstrous years of repression and alsoas Jewish with the people of Gaza and all of Palestine, victims ofIsraeli state terror, expulsion, oppression, torture and assassinationduring the last 70 years.