Campus and Student/Youth Organizing 2009

IJAN is building a student/youth network that will begin in the United States and hopefully grow in other regions. The student/youth network seeks to develop the leadership and participation of younger anti-Zionists and questioning Jewish youth in our work and the broader Palestine solidarity and anti-racist movements.

Through campus-based organizing, we hope to engage both anti-Zionist Jewish students and faculty in supporting campus-based boycott, divestment and sanction campaigns, provide strategic defense for academic freedom and against the targeting of those who criticize Israel, organize anti-Zionist Jewish study groups and broader anti-Zionist educational events, and participate in broader Palestine solidarity work happening on campus.

This fall we will work withanti-Zionist Jewish students and faculty to being organizing on a few campuses. The work will focus on building student participation in theupcoming North American anti-Zionist Jewish Convening that IJAN is organizing as part of the summer 2010 US Social Forum.

Overtime,this network hopes to develop curriculum for student and faculty courses on anti-Zionist history and organizing, and participate in the organizing of campus forums and conferences on the connections between struggles against Zionism and other anti-colonial and anti-racist struggles. In the next month we will be sending out more information on the fall organizing.