IJAN Spain salutes and supports the initiative of the Platform Against Islamophobia (Spain)

IJAN is glad to present its solidarity with the Platform Against Islamophobia and its promotion of a Strategic Plan and Comprehensive Law against Hate Crimes, as well as its implementation at the national and state levels. We seek to add our network to your list of supporters.

In our network there are active members who are children and grandchildren of survivors of the Nazi genocide. From this location we assume the responsibility of standing in solidarity with all who are persecuted, oppressed, or vulnerable because of their race, ethnicity, religion or culture. We must ensure that the cry “Never Again” means “Never Again for Anyone.”

From this, and as anti-Zionists, we state that our struggle is to make concrete the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people– this is a fight against racism and Israeli apartheid against Palestinians. We do this because Israel is a state that falsely claims to represent the Jewish people without our permission.

The struggle against Islamophobia and against Zionism is the clamor for justice in our own country as well as outside our borders, because in a globalized world, different forms of racism interact with and reinforce each other.

Towards a prosperous and efficient campaign,

IJAN Spain