IJAN Attends National Students for Justice in Palestine Conference

IJAN congratulates Students for Justice in Palestine on an extremely successful context. We were inspired by all of the incredible work that students across the US are doing. IJAN was honored to speak with the Palestinian Youth Movement and the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement on the closing panel of the National Students for Justice in Palestine Conference, “Beyond Solidarity with Palestine: The Case for Joint Struggle.”

The closing session was kicked off by a speaker from Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán MEChA powerfully articulating the meaning of joint struggle through sharing its commitment to the struggle for Palestine in the context of its broader work. Nadia Barhoum and Mira Nabulsiof PYM, Sanyika Bryant of MXGM and Sara Kershnar of IJAN spoke to the importance of organizing in support of Palestinian self-determination in a context that builds the power of all of our movements to confront our shared enemies. The well received panel featured a detailed discussion of what joint struggle is and is not and offered students and other organizers questions to ask themselves as they are doing their work.

We look forward to working closely with student organizers in the future and left the conference heartened and inspired by the powerful work happening inside a climate of intimidation and the targeting of students.