IJAN Hosts Annual Bay Area Liberation Seder

On April 20th, 2014 IJAN hosted its annual liberation Passover seder in the Bay Area entitled Legacies of Resistance. This year’s edition of the seder was dedicated to the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising which coincided with Passover. The room of over 120 people honored our histories of work in various struggles, sang traditional and liberation songs and danced in celebration.

The liberation seder is a longtime tradition, and IJAN has put on liberation seders for its entire history. It is part and parcel of reclaiming our histories and traditions from the manipulations and co-optations of Zionism. The powerful event helped recommit those of us in attendance to the struggles to which we have dedicated our lives.

The full insert on the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising is available below. Click here for a downloadable Liberation Seder Haggadah in single page format, or here for a Haggadah in booklet format. Coming soon we will post a final haggadah for use in future years as well.

Warsaw Ghetto Pesach Insert 2014