IJAN Participates in "Self-Critique 2 Decades after Oslo" Conference

The Conference, held at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London, was hosted by the SOAS Palestinian Society and drew close to 200 academics and activists from around the world. While allthe presentations were useful, talks by Adam Hanieh and Jamal Juma stand out. Hanieh laid out how some sectors of Palestinian society had in fact actually benefited from Oslo (getting jobs and money) and therefore had a vested interest in continuing the partnership with Zionism at the expense of the overwhelming majority of Palestinians. Two presentations by Stop the Wall‘s Jamal Juma, a grassroots activist from the West Bank, offered a detailed description of resistance on the ground both in the lead up to the Oslo Accords and continued resistance to fight against the monster that the Oslo Accords have created.

IJAN’s contribution included laying out in detail why we organize as Jews against Zionism, and a description of our strategy of Joint Struggle against Zionism as part of broader movements for justice and using the grass-roots Palestinian resistance as our point of reference.  Other speakers explained how in the aftermath of Oslo utilities in the West Bank have been integrated into Israeli and settlement distribution systems making it possible to cut off electricity and water to Palestinians while leaving the settlements untouched.


Integrating Critique and Moving Forward from Stuart Platt on Vimeo.

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