New Study Highlights Spanish and Catalonian Complicity with Israel

In Catalonia researchers are releasing an important new study today in honor of the Nakba. “DEFENCE, SECURITY AND OCCUPATION AS A BUSINNESS. Military, armaments and security trade relations between Spain and Israel, released by Alejandro Pozo and his team, is a follow up to a 2009 report looking at the military and homeland security links between Catolonia and Israel as well as the Spanish state and Israel. Learn more about the project at the website: Negocios Ocults. The report is part of a campaign called “No More Complicity with Israel” which is gathering together solidarity groups working in Catalonia including IJAN Spain and is part of a larger international umbrella, “Control Private Military and Security Companies.” Earlier this year, President Mas of Catalonia visited Israel saying that it was a model for an independent Catalonia in the future. While there, Mas signed a number of “secret” agreement. The campaign is working to expose those agreements.

Below please find links to the relevant initiatives:

Negocios Ocults [Hidden Business]: Website for the Study (Scroll down and click on Read More to download the report)

No Mes Complicitat: Website for the “No More Complicity with Israel” Campaign

Control Private Military and Security Companies (International Campaign)