Petition in support of California's striking prisoners

On this Yom Kippur, we renew our commitment to refuse complicity with the racism, violence and repression of the US and its ally Israel. We reject the harm done in our name and the paid for with our money and resources. We know that repression in the US and in Israel are deeply connected – that Israel has recently trained US officials in techniques for force-feeding prisoners in Guantanamo on hunger strike. From US-Israeli collaboration in the training of police & “security” forces to technologies of surveillance and repression to militarized borders organized by occupiers and colonizers, we repudiate the lie that repression creates security and the illusion that safety for some can come at the expense of freedom for others.

We stand with striking prisoners, who put their lives on the line for their justice and dignity. Their struggle is for the freedom and humanity of us all.

We the undersigned dedicate our Yom Kippur, our fast or other New Year observances to the prisoners on hunger strike and prisoners of poverty, racism, homo/transphobia, sexism and occupation everywhere, and pledge to support their continued resistance in the year to come.