Stop the JNF Campaign Growing in the U.S.

The Campaign to Stop the JNF is growing in participation, visibility, and momentum. This spring, Jonah Aline Daniel represented the Stop the JNF campaign in many cities across the Midwest and East coast of the United States to bring a report back from the Plant-a-Tree in Palestine delegation. The tour was a success in drawing crowds of various sizes, recruiting new campaign activists and prompting many helpful questions to further the strategic development of the Campaign.

At each event most people signed postcards bombarding the IRS with demands to revoke the charity status of the JNF. Many people signed up to stay in contact with the campaign moving forward. There was much interest in increasing knowledge about the JNF across environmental movements and in a legal campaign against the JNF. Here is the Stop the JNF Campaign presentation that was used on the tour and is available for use by Stop the JNF activists.

The Stop the JNF Campaign created this shor tvideo as an introduction to the true purpose of the Jewish National Fund. It was screened at every location on the Report Back Tour and is available to share with all of your networks.

Additionally, the Stop the JNF Campaign was invited to submit a documentary film this fall about the Jewish National Fund and the resistance to it at the Zochrot Film Festival, Nakba and Return, in Tel Aviv. This film will be made available to Campaign activists to use in our education work and to expose the historical and ongoing role of the JNF in the colonization of Palestine.