Thank You for Contributing

We so appreciate your decision to make a donation or recurring donations to IJAN. This decision will allow our grassroots organization to develop critical and engaged research projects, to take powerful direct actions against Zionists and state violence, and to join growing coalitions worldwide to further the struggle for Palestinian resistance. All of this and more is supported by your contribution.
In hopes that you’d like to further contribute to our efforts and get involved, here are a range of ways that IJAN supporters can get more involved.
  • At the bottom of this page, you can subscribe to our listserv and get 1-2 critical updates each month on our work and the movement at large
  • If an IJAN chapter exists nearby, reach out to get engaged in their organizing efforts
  • If no chapter exists nearby, consider hosting a study-to-action group in your area and the possibility of starting a chapter
  • Host an IJAN organizer for a talk or a workshop in your area. We are frequently touring the country, so contact us now to see if IJAN can come to your city or town this year.
  • Find us on Twitter or Facebook and help spread our posts about Palestinian liberation and its relation to other critical struggles.
  • Check out our most recent report, The Business of Backlash, and distribute it in your area.
  • Consider making recurring contributions to IJAN, so that this international grassroots network can continue supporting the growing struggle for Palestinian freedom in ever more creative and effective ways.
However you choose to support, we thank you for your commitment to ending Zionism and fighting for liberation,
In struggle,
IJAN’s Coordinating Committee