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IJAN’s Response to the New Israeli Law Legalizing Apartheid

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  We write to respond to a new declaration of legal apartheid and to current actions of legalized state violence. As Jews in support of Palestinian self-determination, we respond to these events without surprise, but with indignation, and with renewed commitment to struggle in solidarity with Palestinian people. Last week, following President Donald Trump’s move… Read more »

As Hunger Strike Enters Fourth Week, IJAN Re-Affirms Our Solidarity

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As the hunger strike of 1500 Palestinian prisoners for “Freedom and Dignity” enters its fourth week, the International Jewish anti-Zionist Network affirms its admiration for and solidarity with the hunger strikers The moment is becoming critical in every sense. The Israeli colonial regime is reportedly preparing to import foreign doctors to force-feed prisoners, and prisoners… Read more »

Never Again for Anyone (JUNTS, IJAN and IDHC Joint Statement)

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The Catalan Association of Jews and Palestinians (JUNTS), the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN) and the Human Rights Institute of Catalonia together welcome the declaration of Barcelona City Council on 19th April in defence of respect for human rights and international law for the Palestinian population, with the support of the political groups Barcelona en… Read more »

Nunca Más Para Nadie

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Desde JUNTS- Associació Catalana de Jueus i Palestins, IJAN- Red Judía Antisionista Internacional -, y el Instituto de Derechos Humanos de Cataluña, celebramos la Resolución en Defensa del Derecho Internacional Humanitario (DIH) y de los Derechos Humanos (DDHH) del pueblo palestino, aprobada con los apoyos de BEC, ERC, PSC y la CUP, más la abstención… Read more »

Statement of Solidarity for Palestinian Prisoner Hunger Strike

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The International Jewish anti-Zionist Network salutes the 1500 prisoners on collective hunger strike in the Israeli regime’s colonial prisons – the largest such action in half a decade. The strike demands basic human decency for the prison system’s 7000 detainees, including 300 children. In Israel’s prisons, improved treatment for the imprisoned has only come through… Read more »

IJAN Statement of Solidarity for Omar Barghouti

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On March 19, Israeli tax officials entered the home of Omar Barghouti, the Palestinian human rights activist and co-founder of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. In a blatant act of political harassment, continuing on years of threats, they interrogated him and his wife for hours that day and on the following days. The International… Read more »

From Auschwitz to Palestine, Ferguson to Juarez

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  Dear friends and comrades, Eight days after Donald Trump has been sworn into office, the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN) reflects on the significance of today, Holocaust Memorial Day. We hear echoes of the fascism and white supremacy of 1930’s Europe in the words and threatened actions of Trump’s administration. We see the racist,… Read more »

Jewish Anti-Zionism in the Year Ahead

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With Trump in office we feel that organizing against Zionism is more important than ever. His administration reveals that antisemitism and Zionism feed off of each other and far from being a solution to anti-Semitism, Zionism leverages and needs it. We anticipate that the anti-Semitism of Trump’s administration will only give power to Zionism; supporting… Read more »

Zionist Embrace of Trump and Bannon is No Surprise

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Zionism remains a reactionary and racist ideology and movement- embracing Trump and Bannon is no exception The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) gives a platform to Steve Bannon and Stephen Adelson at its annual gala this Sunday night, November 20th in New York City. For anyone familiar with Zionist history and current alliances, this should not… Read more »

A Day of Mourning, Commemoration and Continued Resistance (English and Spanish)

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  IJAN Statement Against Columbus Day October 10 2016 (en Español abajo) Today is the day the United States officially commemorates Christopher Columbus, who in 1492 launched Europe’s brutal expansion. As a group committed to the global struggle against racism and colonialism, we join our voices with the long legacy of indigenous struggles against those… Read more »