France Chapter

In France, IJAN started in 2010. As part of the first Never Again for Anyone tour, we invited Auschwitz survivor and committed anti-Zionist, Hajo Mayer for our first public meeting on resistance throughout history and around the world. That meeting drew a large audience and several political groups participated.

The people involved in IJAN do it from a political anti-Zionist stance. Most of us, though, are activists from other organizations within the Palestine solidarity movement as well as solidarity struggles with migrants in France.

We consider it of the utmost importance in France to campaign against Islamophobia and racism against people coming from former French colonies. Therefore, we are part of a large movement dedicated to fighting Islamophobia and racism which is deeply linked to Zionist aggression supported by the West.

We intend to push forward collaboration with other groups on the role of Israel in worldwide repression. We launched a meeting in 2014 with friends from IJAN UK, the Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM) and the Frantz Fanon Foundation. We are also active in BDS France, which is growing.

The group took part in all major demonstrations during the latest attack on Gaza, being particularly involved with Arab and international groups advocating for total support to the Palestinian resistance. Several IJAN France members are among the signatories to the ad that ran in the New York Times in August of 2014.