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IJAN Bay Area Urges SF Board of Supervisors to Adopt Pro-Ceasefire Resolution

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IJAN Bay Area is strongly supportive of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ ceasefire resolution, which will be put to a vote this Tuesday, January 9th. In advance of Tuesday’s decision, and in collaboration with Jewish Voice for Peace, Bay Area, and other Jewish organizations, IJAN has distributed a petition urging SF’s city supervisors to… Read more »

Join IJAN Bay Area in Oakland for our Liberation Seder

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This April, as IJAN begins our second decade of organizing, we will continue one of our longest-standing traditions: Legacies of Resistance 2017 Community Passover Seder Dinner Saturday, April 15th, 5:30 PM Get your tickets at: $30 suggested ($10 – $118 sliding scale). Ticket includes entry, Seder dinner and donation to IJAN. All are welcome. No… Read more »

Una Jornada de Duelo, Conmemoración y Resistencia Continua

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Declaración  de IJAN International Jewish Antizionist Network Contra la celebración del “descubrimiento” el 12 de octubre El segundo lunes de octubre se conmemora oficialmente en los Estados Unidos de América el día de Cristóbal Colon, que se celebra el 12 de octubre en los países de habla hispana, y que hace referencia a la expedición… Read more »

Argentina Chapter

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IJAN Argentina participa junto al Comité Argentino de Solidaridad con el Pueblo Palestino (COARSPP) en campañas de denuncia y protesta contra las políticas de limpieza étnica y apartheid israelí.

IJAN Argentina participates in the Committee of Solidarity with the Palestinian People of Argentina (COARSPP), which consists of dozens of grassroots anti-imperialist and human rights organizations in Argentina.

Canada Chapter

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The International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network in Canada has members in Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario. IJAN Canada members work closely with other local Palestine Solidarity organizations. IJAN Canada works to expose Canada’s role in supporting the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and how it relates to the Canadian state’s ongoing genocide against the Indigenous peoples on Turtle Island.

France Chapter

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The people involved in IJAN do it from a political anti-Zionist stance. Most of us are activists with other organizations in the Palestine solidarity movement and solidarity struggles with migrants in France. We are part of a large movement dedicated to fighting Islamophobia and racism which is deeply linked to Zionist aggression supported by the West.

UK Chapter

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The UK chapter of IJAN was launched in 2008. We prioritise our accountability to the Palestinian struggle, and work with others in the Palestinian solidarity movement and other grassroots movements impacted by Israeli apartheid, murder, repression, militarization and other brutality.

US Chapter

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The US IJAN chapter has members across the country. We focus on issues and campaigns specific to our context while remaining in conversation with international partners. We work with US organizations and networks in or in solidarity with, the Palestinian liberation movement, as well as those struggling against racism, colonialism, class rule, and state violence within the US.