IJAN Bay Area Urges SF Board of Supervisors to Adopt Pro-Ceasefire Resolution

IJAN Bay Area is strongly supportive of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ ceasefire resolution, which will be put to a vote this Tuesday, January 9th. In advance of Tuesday’s decision, and in collaboration with Jewish Voice for Peace, Bay Area, and other Jewish organizations, IJAN has distributed a petition urging SF’s city supervisors to support the resolution.

The petition has garnered an astonishing 900+ signatures from Bay Area Jews in favor of the resolution. Just this morning, we sent it to the eleven San Francisco city supervisors so they can see how broadly the local Jewish community supports the resolution.

In addition to encouraging the supervisors to vote in favor of the resolution, the letter also urges the supervisors not to pay heed to those who exploit jewish grief in an effort to justify Israel’s genocidal campaign in Gaza. The letter highlights a local organization that is particularly guilty of manipulating Jewish grief in this way, the Jewish Community Relations Council, Bay Area. As the letter details, JCRC-Bay Area has an extensive history of punishing people and organizations with whom it disagrees by using its influence to cut funding, publicly denounce individuals, pass legislation limiting free speech, and wage lawsuits against academic institutions. Accordingly, the letter, and its 900+ signatories, urges the city supervisors to refrain from collaboration with JCRC-Bay Area and to disregard the organization’s claims to speak on behalf of our whole community.

See the letter, along with the 900+ signatures, here: