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IJAN Condemns UAW International’s Move to Annul Historic BDS Vote

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The International Jewish anti-Zionist Network was very happy to hear that the student-workers in the University of California system endorsed the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) call through their local union, UAW 2865. This was the first time a major union – in this case, one representing over 14,000 workers – voted to support the BDS call, an inspiring example of grassroots union-based solidarity.

Campus Sector

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IJAN encourages and supports Jewish anti-Zionist students to self-organize in support of the Palestinian movement for self-determination. We believe anti-Zionist Jewish students have a unique role to play as part of this struggle and in joint struggle with others organizing on campus. Learn more about IJAN’s work on campuses and in support of students and faculty.